Friday, August 28, 2009

good news

so we went the other day to see a new doctor. I guess this would have been like a third opinion from a pediatric orthopedist. His name was doctor Jordan and he was recommended by my Physical therapist......The exam was more thorough than anything I have seen as of yet. He checked all of Andrew's muscles and whether or not they were engaged. He was the first doctor to tell me that he felt due to Andrew's current ability that he would be walking! I almost cried when i heard this. I mean everyone has been optimistic and hopeful but to finally hear it form a specialist was amazing! That has always been my obvious fear for him....... Unfortunately he could not give me a timeline,but at least it was a prognosis...all other doctors up till now have not been able or willing to give me any type of prognosis. I have to admit that when I asked my other doc and his response was "I'm not sure" I almost threw up right in his office and have been subsequently sad and at times very depressed. I try not to show it, but to many it has been obvious. Jesse is now getting very mobile doing the belly crawl and I always find myself wondering if Andrew is looking at him and wondering why he isn't doing the same thing? The other day my husband asked me this question and then said, when Jesse crawls around he feels like giving Andrew ice cream:) I guess I won't know the answer to this question until Andrew can verbalize what he is thinking. I'm hoping by then, there will be nothing to wonder......


  1. Well written, I have been secretly reading this for a while...

  2. I'm so glad:) I'll keep your secret;)

  3. that is the most wonderful news yet. lets hope everything will be sooner than later, but whenever it comes we will all be grateful for each advance.
    whatever his time line will be we all know that you will be there routing him on and there to help him with each step.
    my love to you and the boys....hope we see you again soon.

  4. thanks so much for your support as alwasy:) all our love....