Monday, May 3, 2010

This is Andrew at about 17 months. As you can see he is very excited to be out and about:)

Andrew has been slowly making progress in the last couple of months. He now "scoots" around in the crawling position but is not getting much lateral movement from the hips. We are currently looking at surgery on may 12th to help straighten his legs out. He will be put in full leg casts for 8-12 weeks that will be adjusted weekly. At this time he will also be undergoing another tonotomy (heel chord lengthening) both procedures will be done under general anaesthetic at hospital for joint diseases. We will be staying over night, which should be very interesting. I hope they understand I will will not be leaving either? Think I could fit in the hospital crib with him? good thing I dropped a pound or two;)

Unfortunately he will be casted most of the summer and I am tyring to figure out ways to help him still enjoy his summer without the use of the pool, sprinklers etc:( I know he will be just as resilient as he has been in the past. This procedure is the next step towards allowing Andrew to start walking eventually. It seems that currently his physical therapy has gotten him as far as he could possibly get. As a matter of fact his doctors are surprised he has the ability to do what he has with his physical limitations. Like I said, he is determined and stubborn which will get him very far.

well, that's all for now......send him some good vibes:) will keep you all posted post surgery!