Sunday, August 23, 2009


In the last couple of months, I had been inquiring whether or not Andrew needed to see a neurologist...He had seen several orthopedists, a geneticist, and even a couple pediatric podiatrists, who all felt that a neurologist was unnecessary...In June we went for a fourth opinion orthopedic consult and this one strongly suggested we see a neurologist just to make sure there were no other issues that would account for the lack on movement in his legs.This is what I had been trying to avoid for months...In my mind, right now everything was fixable. What if we went and found out something was worse than we had already anticipated and planned for.....I know that sounds cowardly, but sometimes i get to a point where I just need to stop for a couple of moments and just breathe... just a week without a doc appt.......a couple of days not to have worry about something new, lack of progress, another obstacle, etc......
Finally though (at 8 months, i figured it's time...So, i did my research (thanks to all of you who helped and sent referrals) and found a neurologist for an initial consult.......Needless to say she examined him and felt that due to his lack of reflexes, wanted to have him checked for congenital defects near or on his spinal chord.....Although I was not surprised I was taken by surprise....I know that sounds paradoxical but it's how i felt...Kind of like, why would i be in shock that neurologist would want an mri, but on the other had every doctor up until now had told me that this was strictly orthopedic..I was so angry! I felt mad at my doc's, at myself for waiting these last couple of months, thinking I had somehow impeded on his progress by not gaining more information that could have helped.....
Well it took us almost 2 months to get in for an MRI and that was traumatic in itself.....Since the actual MRI takes up to 40 minutes Andrew had to be anesthetized under general.....I was worried about that and to add fuel to the fire, his brother ironically began running a fever the night before.....So My husband and I went in super early and had the procedure done. first they put the mask on, which i could not watch (my husband sometimes does the dirty work) and then put the IV in.....we waited patiently and 45 minutes later, he was awake and smiling....Apparently the moment he woke up he saw the nurse and put his hands up as if to say, "excuse me but could you cuddle me;) lolol..Needless to say the nurse obliged and Andrew made yet another Friend and fan:) We waited for three days to hear from the neurologist, only to find out that there was absolutely nothing found on the MRI! 2 months of stressing for nothing....well peace of mind now i guess:)
Anyway, we need to follow up with her to see if his reflexes and movement have with all of our doctor's we never get a straight answer or even a def course of treatment or prognosis since this affliction is not well documented or understood......As usual we hope for the best and work hard to continue giving him the best doctors and treatment options we can find:)

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