Thursday, August 20, 2009

on a happy note

IN rereading some of the posts and comments i have received it dawned on me that I forgot to mention some of the most important attributes that Andrew embodies...these have absolutely nothing to do with his physical limitations..... Andrew is a bright, funny, inquisitive little boy with a belly laugh that is guaranteed to have you in stitches.....he loves to cuddle, play the drums on anything in front of him, and is obsessed with "yo gabba gabba, lol:)" He pulls his brothers hair, slaps him around, and has seen his fair share of finger four headlocks from his "older" brother.... they both respond to this torture with belly laughs and good humor..... He watches Jesse with fascination and cannot stay alone anywhere without him......I am TRULY blessed to have him and Jesse in my life and I know that I have learned more from Andrew in the past ten months about courage, patience, and unconditional love than i have gained in my lifetime:) I treasure the time I spend with them, even on the bad days when sleep has been limited and winter weather "house arrest" is mind blowing:) I know that with his condition things could have been a lot worse and I am grateful every day for him and the promise of watching him run around after (or from:) his big brother......I think that sometimes we focus too much on the negative, (which is certainly understandable and human nature:) and we have to remember to stay grounded in what we (or he) in this case can accomplish instead of how we are is a hopeful day:)

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