Wednesday, August 19, 2009

happy and sad

Jesse (Andrew's older brother by 2 minutes) is a week or so away from crawling....

Up until recently their milestones have been pretty equal.... it is now starting to really Jesse starts to move around the floor, sit up from the lying down position, crawl etc....I am filled with joy and an almost weird sense of accomplishment....
sometimes though I look at Andrew and wonder when he will make these same strides....?
does he look at his brother and wonder why he isn't doing the same things....probably a silly thought but i can't help it sometimes......


  1. Hi Mazra, your boys are beautiful. I'm following your blog and am thinking of you and your family. Keep us posted! xoxo Sue

  2. thank you so much! this has been wonderful and so cathartic even just for the day:) If you think this could help anyone you know please pass it along:) Enjoy the rest fo your summer!