Wednesday, August 19, 2009

morning all,

Andrew seems, in the last week to be experiencing a bit of a set back. He has always has sensory issues with his hands and feet and we work on that in physical therapy with "brushing" and massage. He had gotten to a point recently where he would get in the crawl position and keep himself up for a couple of minutes somewhat assisted in the legs area. all of a sudden he refuses to put his hands down on the ground...My PT Chris (whom I adore and cherish) says he's probably teething and therefore hypersensitive.....She says not to worry as usually and I will listen, but it's hard to see a setback when the progress seems so slow to begin with......


  1. Have you considered adding OT? I know there is a lot of overlap but we really can help in different ways. Im sure he could qualify if you press your coordinator for it. Another set of helping hands right?

  2. one hundred percent....i spoke with my PT about it and she's we're gonna dicuss it at our next meeting wiht the coordinator! thanks agian for all your suggestions, they are very appreciated:)