Thursday, September 10, 2009

day care blues

So, although i didn't go back to work this sept. 09, I am truly hoping to get back next school year. I would have gone this year but I feel that Andrew still needs some extra time and attention with his therapy that he won't get in day care......

Still, I felt the need to at least start seeking out options for next year in the hopes he will be fully if not mostly recovered...well, did i hit an unforeseen snag!
It turns out that the day care that i was planning on sending the boys to won't take Andrew if he isn't walking by then. (he will be just short of 2 yrs old.) Although in my mind I suspected this might be the case, I guess confirming it was a somewhat hard to digest....They wouldn't even take him in the younger group...not that i want to separate him from Jesse but I was still checking my options.....

Thank you to all out there who made some wonderful suggestions and sent me in the direction for some alternatives...i will check them all out:) That's what this is all about, sharing information and for those of you who have, that info has been invaluable!
Thanks so much, and to all the teachers out there who just went back, good luck and appr. 82 days till Christmas break, lolol:)

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