Thursday, December 17, 2009

Wonderful progress!

This is Andrew at about 12 months.

I am happy to share some really wonderful progress Andrew has made. As his brother Jesse began to crawl at about 10 months, Andrew would still sit around and watch him, unable to get around like his brother...about a month later he began the commando crawl.....He puts himself down on his stomach from a sitting position and pulls himself about upper arm strength....he continued with this trend as his brother began to pull himself up at around 12 months and cruise around the furniture.....

Right after his 1st birthday we started making some incredible strides. Andrew was able to be placed on his knees and was strong enough to stay in place for almost ten minutes......a couple of weeks later he began to actually pull himself up in to this same position with his little butt resting on his step.....he began to push himself up into a crawling position and then a two weeks later began to rock back and forth.....more recently he has figured out how to get himself from a lying to a sitting position unassisted. This is a tremendous feat considering he has limited strength in his lower body and has nothing to anchor or weigh him down while sitting up. Just this week he has begun to get into a crawling position and alternate his hands while pulled the rest of his body without collapsing down onto his belly.......

Every day, Andrew continues to amaze me. He is a very happy, generous, sweet little boy who will give you the diaper right off his butt, lolololol....he doesn't complain or whine about what he cannot do. He just continues to push on and figures things out every day. Andrew is persistant, grateful, patient, happy, couragous, and possesses an amazing strength of spirit....We could all learn something from him, I know I have.


  1. How wonderful to ready about Andrew's progress. Its amazing that as a child you don't know you can't do something...the word can't isn't on his list and that's wonderful.
    May he continue to process and not allow the challenges to deter him.
    I'm sure all the love he receives helps him to meet his goals.
    Go Andrew.....

  2. thank you so much for the encouragement and kind words;)have a happy and a healthy holiday season:)

  3. Wow! Mazra, your last post almost brings me to tears! How wonderful! You must be so incredibly proud of Andrew. What determination and persistance he has! It is so incredibly motivating and inspirational to me! Congratulations and I know he will cxontinue to make even more strides in the future! You are incredibly blessed to have two beautiful, sweet and intellegent sons! Can't wait to see you over break!!!